Brad Cohen began telling stories as a toddler and started publishing his words in 2006. Though he dabbles in a variety of subjects, Brad most often writes about travel, food and spirits. He is currently an editor at VICE‘s culinary site, MUNCHIES, as well as a contributing editor and consultant for USA TODAY‘s 10BEST.

Brad was formerly the editor-in-chief of USA TODAY‘s Road Warrior Voices, an irreverent blog focusing on frequent travel and practical travel advice, as well as a regular contributor to BBC Travel, for which he wrote the Thirsty Explorer column, and produced, wrote, and hosted the web series/TV spot of the same name. His work has appeared in publications including The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Food Republic, Grub Street, Gadling, Fodor’s, Edible Brooklyn, and Sportsgrid.

Brad earned a Bachelors of the Arts in  News-Editing from the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communications in 2007. After spending much of 2009 and 2010 traveling in Asia, Brad moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he currently resides. He spends much of his time drinking coffee, writing and daydreaming about future adventures. With the exception of his bio, Brad tries to avoid writing about himself in the third person.

During Brad’s time as the Ketchikan Daily News sports editor, the Alaska Press Club named him the runner-up for Best Sports Columnist in the state. He realizes that being the second best sports columnist in Alaska is like being the second best kitesurfer in South Dakota. However, as Brad has never kitesurfed, he would be quite pleased to be the second best kitesurfer in South Dakota. Though, he would not be thrilled about living in South Dakota. He hopes no South Dakotans take offense, as he is sure they are very lovely people.

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